Muscle mass shakes: Take your daily protein dose

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Starting with March I decided to add a new category to mu blog. That is NUTRITION! Every week, I will give you some useful tips about healthy receipts, fitness or diet. Nutrition is an important part for our beauty and I hope you will use some of my tips.

This week I will start with protein shakes ๐Ÿ™‚

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Did frequent visits to the gym have not helped you fulfil your desire to have a toned and fit body? Do not be disappointed because there is a solution: shakes for muscle mass. If you want to reach your goal, introduce at least one protein drink in your daily diet!

Proteins are essential substances in the development of muscle mass and can be taken from the following healthy sources: eggs, salmon, rice, beans, chickpeas and tofu. It is advisable to have a meal rich in protein 1-2 hours before a physical exercise to see the benefits.

So, before the sports session, “arm yourself” with muscle mass shakes. It gives you a feeling of satiety, it loads you with energy and is delicious. Muscle for life specialists offer you three recipes that will soon become your secret to getting a beautiful body.

Muscle Mass Shakes: How to make the best recipes

Although they are nourishing and delicious, I do not recommend replacing a meal with them. Just use them as a supplement!

1.Protein shake with blueberries and kiwi

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Nutritional information / portion: calories – 329, protein – 13g, carbohydrates – 36g, fat – 18g

The combination of blueberries and kiwi may seem incompatible at first, but the result will surprise you in a good sense. You will not be seduced only by the taste and flavor of the ingredients, but by the results you will get shortly.

Ingredients: half a cup of blueberries, two kiwi fruits, 3 tablespoons of hemp seed, 3 fresh mint leaves, one-quarter cup of unsweetened almond milk, 4 cubes of ice (if it’s summer)

Preparation First, cut the kiwi fruit in half. Then put all the ingredients in the blender and mix everything until you get a homogeneous composition. Pour in the glass, then decorate with a slice of kiwi (I hope you’ve kept one!) And a few mint leaves.

2. Protein shake with mango

Image result for 2. Protein shake with mango

Nutritional information / serving: calories – 344, protein – 14g, carbohydrate – 58g, fat – 9g

Among the muscle mass shakes that you should include in your diet include those based on mango. They’ll instantly charge you the dose of motivation you need to do sports.

Ingredients: a cup of mango cut in cubes, 200g of soft tofu, half a banana, half a cup of unsweetened almond milk.

Preparation: All you have to do to enjoy this protein shake is to put all the ingredients in a blender. Then pour it on the glass and enjoy.

3.ย Protein shake with avocado and Matcha powder

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Nutritional information / serving: calories – 300, protein – 22g, carbohydrates – 15g, fat – 18g

Ingredients: half a teaspoon of Matcha organic powder, 200 ml of unsweetened almond milk, half of avocado

Preparation: Mix all the ingredients until you get a creamy consistency, then pour it into the glass and consume it. You can prepare different recipes of muscle mass shakes from this base. For example, you can add ingredients such as chia seeds, sesame seeds and various fruits. In addition, to get a sweet taste, you can also use some maple syrup.

What do you think about this protein shakes? Simple and natural, right?


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