Discover the oils that make you prettier

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From time to time, replace face creams and other care products with cold-pressed oils. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, they are good for your skin, hair, nails, with visible results from the first use. Your skin deserves the best. That’s why, when it comes to its care and protection, it’s best to go for bio: the most natural products, obtained through the simplest processes that manage to keep all the nutrients. You will discover in them true treasures for your beauty. Among the most appreciated are cold-pressed oils, which provide a solution to the most common problems: stretch marks, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, or even acne or scars. Many of them are easily absorbed into the skin and all leave a very pleasant feeling of softness and comfort.

Argan Oil

The healing effect and the restructuring properties recommend it as a good treatment for skin problems: acne, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks. Reduces traces left by spots and regulates the secretion of sebum in the case of oily skin, and pregnant women can use it to prevent stretch marks. Repairing hair, giving it elasticity and brilliance, and strengthens fragile nails. You can apply it on the skin as such, undiluted, for regeneration and skin problems.

Grape seeds oil

Do you count among mature people who have acne problems? Have you tried some kind of expensive treatments without a visible result? Recommended in such cases, grape seeds oil will be very helpful , as it is astringent, antiseptic, toning and moisturizing. It has a very good antioxidant action, so it’s a good remedy for wrinkles and for preventing aging. Improves the tone and texture of the skin and gives it elasticity.

Almond oil

It is among the most popular oils used in cosmetics. Very nourishing, it is the secret for a beautiful and young skin. It is good for the skin of pregnant women and babies when used for massage. If you have irritations, cracks or inflammation in the epidermis, put a few drops and wait to get into the skin. They will heal after a few applications. It reduces wrinkles and dark circles and has a revitalizing role for dyed hair.

Avocado oil

The sensitive area of ​​the eyes and the mature skin receive the best treatment when treated with avocado oil. In addition, it helps cellular regeneration and heals irritations, wounds or burns. For hair, this is a great product, because besides being inexpensive and handy, it can treat many of the most diverse problems: fragile and tanned hair, dandruff or falling. Apply directly to hair and scalp, massage, leave for a few minutes, and then you can wash your hair on a regular basis.

Sesame oil

It can be used for any type of skin, less for acne. It is very emollient, hydrates intensely and prevents fat accumulation at the surface of the skin. Massage with slightly heated sesame oil gives you moments of true indulgence, with its power to eliminate the stress and moisturizing effect it has on the epidermis. In summer, it’s a great choice for UV protection or sunburn treatment.

Jojoba oil

Oily and acne skins will have the most to gain from using this oil, as it has the ability to adjust the amount of sebum. It has multiple uses, it can be used as a makeup base, as a cleanser, as a lip treatment, cuticle oil or hair conditioner. It resembles human sebum, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin to breathe.

Coconut oil

Cold pressing is done at a temperature of up to 50 degrees, resulting in a product that retains most of its properties. If hair is damaged due to repeated dyeing, if you have dandruff or hair thin, apply once a week coconut oil to the hair and scalp. This oil is also good for dry and wrinkled skin and can be used as a protective product.

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