Do you use properly your dry shampoo?

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Dry shampoo is a useful product with many benefits but needs to be understood and used properly. What we need to keep in mind when using dry shampoo?

Apply it correctly! This type of product contains a natural starch that absorbs the accumulated sebum. Shake the bottle well and spray it first on the root, and a little bit on a length, to have a matte, texture effect.

Use it at the right time! We do not have to make excesses of dry shampoo and wash our hair very rarely. The dry shampoo has been designed to help us extend with a day our hair wash routine , not a week, so it should not be a habit to use it instead of washing our hair. If we exaggerate with this product, it can lead to microbial agglomerations, sometimes resulting in seborrhea dermatitis or hair thinning.

Use it with measure! Dry shampoo is a very useful product, but it should be used with measure only when needed, without exaggerating. Once applied, the hair looks clean, but it’s just an appearance. The fact that sebum has been absorbed does not mean we do not have to wash our head anymore. We should consider, especially if there are scalp problems such as dandruff, dermatitis, or hair loss.

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