Your perfume will last longer

Coco Chanel once said that perfume should be applied in areas where you want to be kissed. We can not contradict this, but unfortunately this little trick does not help you to increase persistence of the perfume. If you want the flavor to last during the romantic date and the next morning, here’s what you should do!

Persistent fragrances: The basic notes are the most dramatic and those resist the most from the fragrance. Pine, patchouli, vanilla or musk are considered by the specialists to be the most sustainable.

Where is the most protected: Heat, light and moisture can affect fragrance compounds by minimizing their flavor. If you want to keep it as strong as the first day, put it in a cool place, not exposed to the sun. Avoid the bathroom. Humidity and heat from the bathroom deteriorates.

Perfume your brush: If you want the perfume to least longer, then do not restrict it to applying it just on your skin. Spray a little bit on the brush because the hair retains the aromas for a long time and, in addition, at every movement, you will smell your scent.

Do not rub your wrists: Did you know that this gesture does not make perfume spread easily, just accelerates the loss of its flavor?

Oily vs. Dry: The alcohol that forms the basis of a perfume evaporates faster on dry skin than an oily one?

Solutions: If you have dry skin, then use a moisturizing cream before applying the perfume. An even better alternative to the cream seems to be baby oil. It hydrates the skin intensely, and the perfume will be retained by it instead of being absorbed through the pores of the skin.

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